Sober Stories

Here are only a very few of the many comments from surveys of the residents about their sobriety that has resulted from the good work done at Santa Barbara New House. If you are a former resident who has remained clean and sober, please contact us about adding your story to this page.

“New House helped me develop a foundation… I am able to function day to day and have a safe place to come to when I feel stressed. I have nothing but positive things to say about every single member of the staff.”

– Resident at New House II, 146 days sober

“During the past five months I have been able to accomplish a world of understanding and gained a new outlook towards working. It has been a pleasure working with the management [and] all the cooks.”

– Former New House III House Manager

“I wouldn’t be sober today if it wasn’t for New House. Between the brotherhood from the housemates and the support from staff, New House has opened my eyes to a life today and a future I never considered possible.”

– Resident at New House III, 102 days sober

New House II
227 W. Haley Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 962-8248
New House III
2434 Bath Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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Grad House
2021 Castillo Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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