The Four Basic Rules of Santa Barbara New House, Inc.

Breaking these rules is grounds for immediate dismissal from Santa Barbara New House:

  • Consumption and/or use of any alcoholic beverage, or mind-altering chemical, including drugs or narcotics is prohibited at all times.
  • Physical, mental, verbal or other abuse towards any Staff member, resident or guest of New House.
  • Violation of the curfew. There are no exceptions to curfew and the doors will be locked to access from the exterior at that time.
  • Residents must attend evening House meetings as scheduled. These vary depending on the House in which the resident is living.

New House welcomes referrals from employers, employee assistance programs, family members, and criminal justice agencies, but personal onsite interviews and a desire to be clean and sober are required of all applicants.


House Rules

There are a number of “House Rules” concerning Attire, Conduct, Guests, Smoking, and House Keeping Chores. These rules are different for each house and are made available during the interview process and are posted in each house.

New House II
227 W. Haley Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 962-8248
New House III
2434 Bath Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 563-6050
Grad House
2021 Castillo Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 563-6050