New House - What's Nearby

Being nestled in the foothills of the Southern California coast Santa Barbara offers unparalelled opportunities to find your true self. With the ocean, mountains and lakes minutes away outdoor recreation abounds. Education and Career Training that includes some of the best in the world will enable you to grow. And entertainment closeby that will spark that simple love for life once again.

Education Opportunities

There are many educational and training opportunities located close to New House. Here is a short list that may help residence in their future career development goals.

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Students Learning

Recreation Opportunities

Santa Barbara is a rich and inviting environment for any type of recreation, from visiting the zoo or museums, to going hiking or laying on the beach.

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Basketball Game

Local Entertainment

The area surrounding New House provides abundant opportunities for entertainment. You can go see a concert, a movie, or just check out a book at the library and lay on the beach reading. Everyone can find something to suit their taste of entertainment in Santa Barbara.

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Santa Barbara