Employers in the Santa Barbara area have a tremendous source of highly motivated, loyal and committed men. While it may seem counterintuitive that people whose lives were once dominated by drugs or alcohol could turn around and become a company’s most valuable asset. Many employers have discovered that giving recovering addicts a second chance at success is more than charitable outreach to a disadvantaged group; it’s good business.


Why Recovering Addicts Make Good Employees

Why would a company consider hiring someone in recovery? Research suggests that people in addiction recovery are often:

  • Highly motivated to work because employment grants the opportunity to get their lives back.
  • Loyal and committed to the employer willing to give them a chance and help them achieve financial, social and personal stability.
  • Less likely to take sick days.

Since most people in recovery take an abstinence-based approach, these employees won’t be partying on weeknights or binge drinking on the weekend, which may mean greater productivity at work and fewer “sick” days spent nursing a hangover or other problem. If the individual has worked the 12 Steps or a similar program, they’ve embraced principles like honesty, humility and integrity, which serve them well both personally and professionally. Those who have completed a treatment program also have learned the importance of self-care, which often translates to increased productivity and focus at work.


Potential Employers

If you are interested in posting a job notice or are looking for a few good men, please contact:

Gordon Guy
Executive Director
Santa Barbara New House Inc.
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