New House is open to any male over the age of eighteen who has a desire to remain clean and sober. Due to licensing restrictions, New House is not able to admit men who are not ambulatory or who have severe mental illnesses.

Applicants are required to remain clean and sober for twenty-four hours to be eligible for an admission, and may request a screening interview at either of our main facilities. Former residents may also need to be interviewed by the Executive Director.

While all residents are required to pay their own room and board, being unable to pay in advance is not always a barrier to admission. Scholarships are available, but are contingent on the financial status of the organization at the time. Serious individuals needing some help to get started can be granted a scholarship for short periods while you find work or a source of income.

Formal admission requires a willingness to comply with the Four Basic Rules and the House Rules governing operations. A copy of these rules is available on request or may be viewed at our web site at Rule.

New House welcomes referrals from employers, employee assistance programs, family members, and criminal justice agencies, but personal onsite interviews and a desire to be clean and sober are required of all applicants.

If you have been unable to stay sober on your own and are serious about sobriety please click on the link below to set up an interview to learn about New House and why we are a great place to build a solid foundation in recovery.


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New House II
227 W. Haley Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 962-8248
New House III
2434 Bath Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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Grad House
2021 Castillo Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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